Crazy Friendship


Until quite recently, I had never realized my friends loved me and cared about me…It might sound crazy but I have developped a mechanism of defense that allows me not to think about other people’s feelings. I refuse to get emotionally involved because 9 times out of 10 I give too much of myself and realize that the people in my life are using me. So, I was surprised when, some months ago, when I hit a rough patch in my life my friends called me and comforted me…It felt nice.

Hooking up


A lot has happened to me in the past few months since my last entry. I got a job and moved back to the Midwest. I love my lab work…I would not say the same for my personal life. I have the feeling that my emotions are spinning out of control. Yesterday, I decided to hook up with a random dude that was a friend of an acquaintance. With the alcohol helping, we took it to second and maybe third base…It was not the most gratifying experience I have ever had but the cuddling and sleeping in each other’s arms were nice.
This morning, I skyped one of my friends and she gave me a long speech on how I was playing with fire , how I would get seriously hurt if i did not look for meaningful relationships and how I might be playing with the guy’s feelings. I get her point about me getting hurt and I’ll probably stop hooking up. But if my understanding of the whole hooking-up-thing is right, nobody is supposed to have their feelings involved. What do you think?

Crazy night


Désolée, aujourd’hui je tiens à exprimer mes sentiments en anglais.

Today, stupid pic comments on facebook took me back to that place again. Quick summary of the story. I had a crush on this guy or more than a crush since he was my friend, and it did not end well ( I am still not ready to talk about it). So they tagged us together on facebook and one of my good friends commented and said: »is that where everything started? » and there were more comments on my feelings. I am quite a private person and I hate exposing my failures and weaknesses. I am still healing and getting over the fact that I have self-confidence issues. I wish I could take the comments as jokes but I am scared to see his comments! The way we left things was perfect I do not want to be humiliated on facebook!



Crazy-inspiring music


This is officially my new jam

Bonjour tout le monde !


Bienvenue sur mon blog où j’essairerais de partager les moments importants de ma vie.

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